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Playground/Parent Communication

Our playground software helps parents stay connected and engaged with their child's daily activities at our center. With the software, parents can receive real-time updates on their child's play, learning experiences, and interactions with other children. They can also view photos and videos of their child's time on the playground, giving them peace of mind and a glimpse into their child's day. The software makes it easy for parents to communicate with the center staff, track their child's progress, and feel involved in their child's early learning journey.

  • Easily track feeding (bottle, nursing, solid food), diapers, sleep, activities, mood, milestones

  • Display graphical charts of your child's daily activitiesAccess Lesson Plans, Activities, Assessments, and portfolio work

  • Easily view entries from current and prior days

  • Communicate quickly and in real time with your child's provider

  • Photographs/videos of your child's learning experiences

AUTHORIZED* users have access to the information in real time.  Parents and Caregivers can access the information through the internet,  download the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, an addition to, an automatic email at the end of each day. Visit Playground to read more about this application's features *The application has been designed for maximum security and is password protected. Only Authorized Users have access to individual children's accounts.

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